How to Make Your Home Feel Like You’re on Vacation

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Spring break may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the benefits of vacation life when you’re at home. There are plenty of design tips and tricks that will help you create a “vacation getaway” in the comfort of your own home. From “living” wallpaper to nautical stripes, a spa-like bathroom and soothing seaside color palettes and textures.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite ways to create a vacation vibe in your very own home.

Drift Away: I love to use natural textures when designing homes. Driftwood is a great option for home accessories, and creates a vacation vibe when paired with natural wood furniture pieces or wood flooring. When it comes to accents, think light and rustic with accessories like wicker chairs and tables, or even a bamboo chandelier. Plus, is there anything that says an East Coast vacation more than nautical stripes? I love to incorporate them in pillows, throw rugs or as an accent wall. Keep the room East Coast fresh with white accents and light wood furniture.

Try “Living Wallpaper”: You can create a stunning “natural wall” with traditional wallpaper in botanical prints, or get creative by hanging plants in front of a white wall and adding additional plants on shelving and potted on the floor. Then, keep the rest of the room simple with natural hues of white, green and khaki. Speaking of an earthy escape, the color green has proven to be a Zen and calming color that reminds us of all things natural. I love green walls — in a variety of hues from the lightest mint to a major pop of vivid Greenery (Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018). Green also pairs well with various brown wood tones and, of course, bright white.

Soak It In: Does anything say vacation more than a spa-like bathroom? Think floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, a free-standing soaking tub, a rain shower head and plenty of plants. I even love adding a plant in the shower — maybe a succulent or a fern — for an extra dose of tropical chic. To bring this spa theme full circle, trade in your hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles for a set of beautifully designed and refillable bottles that match the décor of your space.

Create a Seaside Escape: You can create a tranquil seaside escape in any room of your home. For the living room, try blue upholstered furniture for an unexpected hue. Keep the blue tone calm and relaxing, like cerulean, then accessorize with other calming colors and prints (think light and soothing watercolors). Your bathroom can also feel like a trip to the ocean with a deep soaking tub, turquoise tiles and, of course, tranquil blue walls. Simple wood and white accents — as well as some coral, sand dollars or driftwood — help create your own beachy escape.

Jungle Love: It’s amazing what wallpaper can do. Bird-themed wallpapers — from regal peacocks to whimsical chirpers  – have seen a renaissance in the last few seasons — and they are a great way to add a vacation spirit to a statement wall or powder room. (No “bird noises” recording required!) Large-scale patterns and uniquely colored prints create boldness and tend to evoke a higher level of sophistication. I also enjoy installing shelves or hanging artistic mirrors on these walls, which add depth — and a place for unique and artistic accessories.

Now, who’s ready for a Pina Colada? This girl!

But honestly, no matter how you make your home feel like your favorite vacation destination, make sure it still feels like your personal style. And adding a bit of your favorite vacation vibe can go a long way to creating a space you can love and feel relaxed.

If you need help finding your “vacation” style at home or are thinking to tackle a larger interior style project, Nicole Arnold Interiors is here to help. Just call us at 214-326-1160 or click below to request a virtual consultation.

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