Interior design trends in the Dallas area often have a mind of their own. Dallas is a thoroughly modern city – we stay on top of trends and have access to the best of everything.  And in 2019, Dallas is in love with mid-century modern interior design.  In what some people like to call Texas Modern, Dallas has taken mid-century modern and fully embraced its glam side.

So…what modern home trends do we love?

Tailored Modern Furniture

Mid-century upholstery features clean lines, lower frames, and solid construction. Furniture pieces with legs (instead of skirts or fringe) give rooms an open, uncluttered aesthetic. With their trim, scaled-down designs, modern furnishings are the perfect size for smaller urban homes.

It’s been said that mid-century Hollywood interiors were designed like stage sets – to let the people in them shine.  Simple furniture makes it easier to appreciate fabric patterns, accessories, art, and each other. Mid-century design is perfect for entertaining and mixes beautifully with Art Deco, Contemporary, and Hollywood Regency pieces too.  Add a high back, a few curves, and a metallic linen fabric for a glamorous modern sofa:

Modern High Back Glam Sofa

Bold, Abstract and Geometric Patterns

Geometrics and abstract patterns are a trend that’s showing no sign of slowing down. Not only do geometrics play well with other patterns, the repetitive designs are easy to live with. While you may tire of some large patterns after a few years, abstract designs have staying power. We love them on fabrics, rugs, walls, windows, and furniture:

Rich Metallic Finishes

Brass, gold, nickel, copper, bronze – anything goes, as long as it’s shiny. Metal accents on lamps, furniture and even wallpaper add a layer of dimension to the modern room. Glints of metal scattered around a room give it an extra glow at night. Mirrored furniture and metallic accents reflect daylight and brighten a space. We love metal in a modern interior – it’s like jewelry that puts the finishing touch on your room.

The Luxury Of Natural Materials

Rich finishes that draw from nature are another interior design trend accenting Dallas’ modern home style.  Agate, quartz crystals, malachite, and exotic woods add a touch of sophistication to a room. Wallpaper that mimics stone, or even a real slab of rich onyx, makes a dramatic statement – and no two pieces are ever alike. Accessories like lamps or small side tables can be unique conversation pieces, like this lamp with its deep blue azurite finish:

Luxury azurite lamp

Modern Art Thrives In Dallas Interiors

Dallas is known for its thriving art scene – it’s a city that supports and appreciates art in all its forms.  A modern Dallas home wouldn’t be complete without statement-making art pieces. Large-scale paintings are used to create focal points above a sofa or console, and we have plenty of regional artists to choose from.  Three-dimensional art pieces and geometric mirrors add dimension and sparkle to a room. I wonder if this interest in art is what makes modern interior design a Dallas favorite?  An uncluttered, modern home design creates a gallery effect, where fine art can be enjoyed without distractions.

The most successful modern interiors are those that embrace the unique personality of the homeowner, and are flexible and inviting. The best homes are always evolving – even the most modern of homes shouldn’t be treated like a museum. Mid-century pieces have lasting appeal because they mix so easily – whether your personal style is modern and minimalist, or modern and maximalist.

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