Fall 2022 is here and Nicole Arnold Interiors is back from the High Point Trends Market to share with you some of this year’s hottest trends! After perusing the many new furnishings and accessories at the Market, the team found these 10 design trends that will be popular throughout the rest of 2022 and into 2023. There is truly something for every interior. The question is…which ones will appeal most to you?

#1 Make You Blush!

The color blush has been gaining momentum and is here to stay. You can use a tanner version of the color as a neutral or a brighter version to add a pop of femininity and warmth to your home. It’s a really nice way to brighten the earthy greens, blues, and cream tones that are back this autumn.


#2 Boucle…Pronounced Boo-Clay!

This taut, coarse-textured fabric is making its way into all kinds of upholstered items, such as couches and armchairs. It’s a nice complement to rigid finishes and smooth fabrics. And, it’s a great way to throw an accent into a room without going too extreme!


#3 Not Your Mother’s Cane

Cane furniture was once relegated as old-fashioned or traditional. The texture has been reinvented in many different design styles, including in industrial, contemporary, and transitional designs Even brightly colored, painted cane brings a fun spin to a classic design element. Cane is a perfect design choice for living rooms, entryways, and bedrooms!


#4 Give Your Furniture A Little Contrast!

When your upholstery piece needs a little pop, yet you want to keep the look simple, consider adding a contrast welt (the trim and buttons) on the edges of the furniture. You can use it to highlight the curvature or shape of your furniture, making the piece much more dynamic! You can utilize stark color tones like black and white or subtle tones like tan and cream. Either way, this is an excellent way to get a designer detail within your home.


#5 Curves Ahead!

There are so many curves and rounded components incorporated into upholstery, case pieces, and light fixtures this year. Whether it be dramatic or minimalistic curves, these lines exude allure and confidence! Geometric diversity is very important in designing an interesting room and this trend is an easy one to implement.


#6 Big Fan Of Fanfare!

The latest and greatest trend in cooling a room stylishly is the FANDELIER. This is part fan, part chandelier (or decorative fixture). For those that can’t embrace a ceiling fan as the room’s main light fixture yet still need to cool the room, this is your solution! Don’t let how glam they are fool you…they move a ton of air!

#7 Freeze Frame!

Furniture frames can sometimes be rather boring, so the special details brought to them are very important for a custom look. Consider some of these wood, fabric, and metal treatments that take these simple pieces from drab to fab!


#8 Outdoor Or Indoor – That Is The Question!

The answer is BOTH! Due to a surge in demand, many major furniture lines have expanded into outdoor furnishings. Patios are the 2nd or 3rd living space in the home and are an extension of the interior design. Whether you’re looking to make basic or elaborate updates, everything you need for your indoor space is readily available for the outside space. The furniture is now so comfortable and beautiful, you’ll want to sit in it for hours!


#9 Spring In The Fall?

Springy colors and pastels are growing in popularity. Easter egg hues were all over the Market and they were so cheerful…reminds me of Rosemary Beach and Watercolors (for my Florida folks)! This serene palette is a surefire way to bring a calm, peaceful feel into any room, whether you’re near the coast or not.


#10 Texas Two-Step With Two-Tone

Two-tone colors, metals, woods, and textural materials are remarkably prevalent in case goods (such as bookshelves and dressers) because they make a bold statement. This trend provides depth to any space by appearing in high contrast or low contrast tones. It adds a touch of individuality to your space and we think it’s a wonderful conversation starter!


Here To Stay

Soon you’ll start seeing these trends surface in magazines, digital media, stores and showrooms. They’re hot and very current! However, what we love most about each design element is that they provide timelessness and balance in any space – which makes your investment in them a lasting one!

At Nicole Arnold Interiors, we’d love to help you implement any or all of these trends! We enjoy creating rooms that stand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy your home or office for many years to come. Receiving professional help from an interior designer provides you with the knowledge to incorporate some of these trends into your current home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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