I don’t know about you, but I love to PLAY! Whether with my son, my dog, my nieces or nephews, colleagues…really anyone who wants to be silly and act like a kid from time to time. There’s no better stress release for me!

While perusing one of our local Dallas shops, Timothy Oulton, I was able to chuckle as I admired some of the wall decor and interior design accessories that revolved around playing. I was so energized by what I saw, I can’t wait to find some projects to incorporate these into!!

Tennis anyone? These antique rackets make a colorful, whimsical statement against a charcoal grey backdrop. How fun would this be in a game room? Instantly, my OCD mind starting to estimate exactly how many tennis rackets were actually up there!

Remember when we used to play with sticks? Now we preserve them forever inside of lucite cubes and use them for side tables. Ingenious!! These make a really great organic statement in a room or room that wants to blend rustic with modern components.

I still haven’t given up on learning to play the drums… Does slapping the steering wheel while jamming to your favorite music count? Again, antique findings, in this case drums, make great light fixture accents as well as the “no pun intended” Drum Table.

Is chess your game? These oversized pawns were impressive both in their size as well as their old, chipped finish. With all the painted furnishings out right now, these are both timely and timeless. They make a great, subtle, yet eye-catching statement.

So what do you like to play with in your design?? If you need inspiration, particularly in British inspired decor, I highly recommend checking out the Timothy Oulton at 4500 N Central Expwy, Dallas, TX. It’s open to the public or for perusal with your designer…

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