I’ve always believed that beautiful light fixtures are like jewelry for the home. As a full service residential interior designer, one of my many responsibilities is to choose unique lighting that will truly make a statement.  The design scheme of a room has a big influence on our choice of light fixtures. Lighting can dress a room up or down, anchor the design scheme, and act as a major focal point. It can bend the rules, adding that touch of the unexpected that makes for a show-stopping room. We love to use light fixtures that make a statement, whether the room is central to entertaining or a private space like a bedroom.

Modern, Mid-Century Inspired Ceiling Fixtures:

Recent developments in LED lighting allow for original lighting designs that would have been difficult to do just a few years ago.  Tiny LED bulbs can be supported by a barely-there armature, creating modern light fixtures that seem to float in space. In this room, the ceiling fixture is like a collection of shooting stars suspended from steel cables. The starburst effect electrifies the space, standing out in sharp contrast to the warm wood of the ceiling. Against the neutral tones of the room, the lighting is a dramatic focal point:
Modern Statement Light Fixture Nicole Arnold Interiors DallasMid-century inspired statement lighting often uses angular shapes and unique shade materials, like this chandelier’s calcite panels, softly lit from within:

Mid-century modern statement lighting Nicole Arnold Interiors Dallas

Nature-Inspired Modern Lighting:

Modern lighting doesn’t necessarily have to be sleek and metallic. Natural elements inspire a relaxed mood, and rich materials create a sense of low-key glamour. Lighting can make a powerful statement by referencing a home’s natural surroundings, especially since modern living incorporates indoor-outdoor spaces. We love the way this classic drum-shaped light fixture uses slices of colorful agate stones, for an enchanting interplay of light and color:

Chandelier Ceiling Fixture Agate Nicole Arnold Interiors Dallas

Even without sparkle and shine, this light fixture makes a statement against the muted patterns and watery colors of the breakfast room.

Large-scale light fixtures with dramatic shapes are another way to add impact to a modern interior. We love using lighting designs that give traditional silhouettes a new twist. Instead of the crystal beads and drops you’d expect to see on an Empire-style chandelier, this design replaces them with wood beads and raffia:

Modern Natural Beaded Light Fixture Nicole Arnold Interiors Dallas

Using an unexpected material is a designer’s way of adding life to a room – wood beads add Bohemian flair, and the artisanal touch warms up the room in a way that crystal and metal cannot.

Ceiling Fixtures With Modern Glamour:

Of course, a bit of sparkle can be the finishing touch a modern interior needs. There are so many lighting options that combine modern silhouettes with elegant materials. Globe or spherical fixtures introduce a round shape that adds dramatic contrast to a boxy room.  We love the modern-yet-feminine effect of this capiz-shell orb light in a teen girl’s bedroom:

Dallas bedroom interior design project

Sparkling crystals in modern form also make a statement – this chandelier has a mid-century vibe, with its gold armature and long crystal prisms:

Modern prism ceiling fixture, Dallas interior design

This ceiling fixture’s tailored shade and matte-nickel finish have a modern design aesthetic, but the trailing vine detail and crystal leaves make a feminine statement:

Modern Glam Light Fixture Nicole Arnold Interiors Dallas

Can you believe this is a fan? It’s a very high end crystal fan-delier! It allowed me to please the husband’s desire for air flow while he sleeps and the wife’s desire for a glamorous chandelier in their bedroom.

Modern lighting design encompasses almost every style, shape and material – from mid-century sputnik shapes to tailored drum shades, and everything in between. We always use lighting to accessorize a room, but we love modern lighting that truly makes a statement.

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