Do you know how to incorporate mirrors to create the exact mood and feel you desire in your space?

How to Use Mirrors

Every space should have some sort of reflective piece built into it’s interior design and these pieces are often mirrors. Mirrors can be used in many strategic ways. For example, when there aren’t enough windows in a room, they can duplicate light or give the feeling that windows are present. They can also be used to reflect artwork or a component of the room that wouldn’t readily be seen unless you walk all the way in. Mirrors add depth and dimension to smaller rooms, evoke a luxurious element in a dark room or incite a glam look when utilized on furniture and light fixtures.

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Types of Mirrored Glass

Interior designers will strategically use more traditionally styled mirrors made of antique glass or an eglomise glass to keep reflections more subtle. Transitional designs usually incorporate clean, clear glass for a pure duplication of the surroundings. More contemporary elements will include colored mirrored glass like cobalt blue, black or smoky grey for a saturated color statement. There are also concave and convex mirrors that give great reflection, yet eliminate an overt view of whatever or whomever is in front of it.

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Mirror Size

Don’t be afraid to go big! When using mirrors in small spaces, I always use a large mirror. It will make the space appear larger, plus it’ll avoid getting too visually busy on the wall. Some rooms really benefit from entire walls covered in mirrored glass. Small mirrors can be interspersed in bookcases or clustered to form a larger grouping. You can also mix smaller mirrors with painting or other wall art objects to create a really unique statement.

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Hanging Mirrors

When hanging a mirror, did you know you should never use a wire to secure it to a wall? Wires will create tension, which can easily crack delicate mirrored glass. Additionally, mirrors with moulding sometimes are not as sturdy as they need to be to hold a heavy piece of glass (particularly a larger mirror). Especially in this case, d-rings on the back of the moulding is the only recommended way to avoid a catastrophe.

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Reinventing Mirrors

In order to update or breathe new life into an older mirror, try repainting an old world gold frame to a black or hot pink lacquer finish. Reframe a perfectly good piece of beveled glass with new moulding or a frameless mount. Add special mirror moulding to a plain plate glass bathroom mirror found in secondary bathrooms. Try taking a smaller mirror and use it as a tray on an ottoman or table top. There are tons of ways to get creative with an old mirror and repurpose it for something perfect in your new design.

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Just remember, mirrors, in general, will never go out of style, but the way you use them can certainly evolve with the trends of time. For professional advice on how to incorporate mirrors into your design, call us for a consultation. We specialize in creating homes and business offices that reflect our clients’ personal style or corporate image!

Contributing photos from NA Interiors, Surya, Bungalow5, and Worlds Away.

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  1. Sharon Reams August 14, 2017 at 2:35 am - Reply

    I was really never thought like this about mirror. You mentioned about a large size mirror is better for small bathroom. I thought why should I use a large mirror for my small bathroom. But really this is right that the mirror can help to feel a large bathroom instead of small spaces. Thanks for the tips…

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