Interior design styles - clean and classic

If you know you want a new look for your home but aren’t exactly sure how to describe what you like, you’re in luck! My new series about interior design styles is all about helping you pinpoint your favorite look and giving you the language you need to talk about it. If you can dream it, you can do it — but first you have to describe it!

Let’s start by exploring one of my favorite types of interior design styles: clean and classic.

Hallmarks of the Clean and Classic Interior Design Style

This style is popular because modern life is so full of distractions that we crave a restful retreat where we can get away from all the noise. The clean and classic look is eminently livable, but it also pares down the excess to create a peaceful feel in your home. The main features of this style include:

  • Clean lines: Though not as austere as an all-out modernist room, this look features furniture with good bones and skips the extra curlicues and clutter. Window treatments and soft goods are kept simple, and the basic geometry of the room is enhanced with texture rather than add-ons or knick-knacks. (This differs from a transitional room, which often features a more eclectic mix of colors and designs.)
  • Neutral colors:The secret to the vibe of a clean and classic room: resisting the temptation to go overboard with too many bright colors. Instead of a hodgepodge of floral fabrics and bright throw pillows, the clean and classic room gets its power from restraint: shades of cream, gray, buff and tan sooth the eye and envelop you in a sense of calm.
  • Simple sophistication:When you’re going for a clean look, it’s important to make sure all of your choices — flooring, furniture, rugs, window treatments, lighting — are of the highest quality. It’s easier for manufacturers to hide behind a bright color or a fun pattern, but when your sofa is cream-colored, it shows every last detail. Well-made fixtures and sophisticated designs add interest and significantly elevate your room’s appearance. Clean and classic is anything but boring!

Though the clean and classic look is deceptively simple, it takes a skilled designer to make it work without looking dull or dreary. If you love this look or want to find out more, contact our office to set up an on-site consultation. We can help create your clean and classic interior and achieve the exact home (or office) of your dreams!

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