Utilizing accessories to brighten up your home

Utilizing accessories to brighten up your home


Oftentimes we hear this word and our minds travel to the magical place of the dangly earrings that accent a great dress or the astute handbag that portrays our attitude. But the magical place my mind wanders is the world of those unique objects that compliment the design of our rooms. I am referring to the unique pieces that add aesthetic value to our space and truly represent our taste and personality.

You probably already own amazing accessories, but you may be struggling with how to display them. I love working with clients’ items that they’ve collected on trips across the country or the world, heirloom pieces or collectibles, and even sometimes that “fine” pottery their kids made at one point in time. Why? Because those are the things that are important to THEM! These pieces represent nostalgia, warm feelings or a sense of pride that, when highlighted properly, make their room uniquely them.

The final touch of grouping your accessories in your room sometimes requires the most concentration and effort. These are the thoughtful accents that I refer to as “cherries on top of the sundae”. If you’re experiencing difficulty grouping your cherished accessories, I’ve developed a few guidelines to simplify the process.

Keep Spatial Balance
Group items so that they make a significant statement, then leave some empty space around the grouping. For example, If you line up items on your kitchen cabinet tops or fireplace mantle from one side to the other, you dilute your overall presentation. Grouping is a much more effective way to highlight your style!

Diversity Scale and Positioning
Another trick is to group things in odd numbers. Using these techniques, you’ll add dimension, weight and visual significance to your presentation. For example…position your object in an unexpected way – lay a bowl on its side or place one object inside another.

Mix and Match
For more interest, integrate different textures and colors. Create a visual splash by including a single piece with a striking difference, such as a brilliant periwinkle piece of pottery amid a group of pale yellow flowers in a crystal vase. Adding a touch of whimsy or the unexpected object among other classic or traditional items is another great way to inject your personality.

Design doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s actually quite simple!

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