This October’s High Point market showed evidence of continued momentum in many of the newly emerging Spring Trends as well as some additional twists to keep things fresh!

four display shots showing living room furnishings

Color influences: Green has joined the blushy pink color in a BIG way. Its rich emerald hues (and softer tones as well) were everywhere in fabrics, wallpapers and painted pieces. Green is an ENERGY color so your rooms that include green will surely come to life!!


two displays showing living room chairs and tables

Textural Details are growing in intensity and are a MUST for a room with depth. Light fixtures, small furniture and accessories are all easy ways to achieve this!!


two rooms shots with modern living room table and chairs

Small Scale furnishings are the rage, particularly for conservative spaces. Urban lifestyles lend themselves well to these great pieces.


two shots showing industrial tech furnishings

Industrial, Techy looks are still strong and are a great style for modern millennials. 


multi depth couches

Multi-depth sectionals were a new, fun twist on seating that accommodates a variety of lifestyles and activities.


two modern armoires 

Armoires are back (blast from the past) and are a new trending piece great in bedrooms, living spaces and halls. Use them for storage, as a bar or display them open as a foundation for your collections. Their height makes them a great piece for tall spaces…


patterned wallpaper with living room chairs

Patterns in fabrics and wallpapers are VERY strong and are a fresh update to all the solids we’ve seen in seasons past. Just one or two in a room give that special personality punctuation mark!


Modern Desk and Side table

Designer Details are what makes our job so much fun. These are the special features that catch our eye at market and allow us to continue to “wow” our clients in our designs. Check them out and let us know your favorites!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these fun, new pieces and look forward to sharing photos of how we integrate them into upcoming rooms!!

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  1. Kathleen Hoster December 20, 2018 at 7:07 am - Reply

    Thanks for your article and pictures on the new trends. Wishing you and everyone a great Holiday and Happy New Year !


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