Doorless Entry

Doorless Entry

Part 3: Shower Styles

The shower or bath wall oftentimes makes THE statement in a bathroom. It can cast a spa-like or serene environment or, conversely, it can cast a bold, lively expression of your personality! Whichever design you incorporate, it should be one that you love to look at and enjoy every day.


Granite walls have a stunning appearance and is communicates a statement of strength and visual weight on a shower wall. It’s very durable and is not prone to scratching. You can use granite in slab or tile form for a great natural stone look. Those species with the most movement can be very dramatic!

Deco tile walls are a great way to feature a particular image or backdrop in the shower. The simple decision of the tile orientation can make all the difference in your shower walls. Tile laid in a herringbone pattern, a 45-degree angle, a broken joint pattern or a vertical orientation instantly brings interest to a wall that may otherwise be laid in a straight grid pattern. Water jet designs provide some of the most exclusive looks (see the zebra wall below), and with water jets, the possibilities for design are endless!

Glass blocks come in many different shapes, textures and colors. They work well in bathrooms that are abnormal in size or shape because of the versatility of the blocks. They can create an arc shaped wall or a stair step look. They also are a good solution when a bathroom is very small and/or dark. These blocks give some distortion for privacy but allow light to pass through, allowing a more open feel to anyone inside the shower.

Doorless entry showers are becoming more and more popular. This design is appropriate in larger bathrooms, since the walls have to be able to extend past the showerhead’s reach. It’s important to design the placement of all showerheads strategically in this situation. And contrary to some beliefs, you don’t have to worry about draftiness when these are well constructed.

Shower Glass Enclosures:

Frameless vs. semi frame vs. frame and how do I get any privacy??

Frameless glass walls provide a very sleek look and are the most popular choice in remodeling today. Consumers are usually surprised at their price tag (about double that of a framed shower enclosure), however the cost is driven by the thickness of the glass. It has to be substantial enough for the glass to stand as a wall, so it’s significantly thicker than glass in framed enclosures. Although they’re more costly, the look makes it worth every bit of the expense. With a frameless enclosure, the only metal you see are the inconspicuous clips attaching the glass panes together, to the wall, and to the floor. Semi-frameless enclosures still have a metal support strip along the top of the shower glass but other edges are seamless. Fully framed glass enclosures have metal around the perimeter of each pane of glass, so many more lines are defined in this design. Regardless of the enclosure structure you select, you can use clear or obscure glass, depending on the desired level of privacy. Remember, if you’re investing in a great design inside the shower on the walls, clear, frameless glass is going to highlight your design best!

Benches and seats:

-Teak benches are a good option when you desire a removable bench or a warmer look. The portable styles provide extra space in the shower when they’re not being used and you can move them around anywhere you like because it’s not permanently affixed to the shower. Whether mobile or permanently attached, the teakwood adds an earthy warm feel to a cold tiled shower.

-Built in benches are definitely permanent, but it is a much sleeker look that, when designed well, virtually disappears into the wall of the shower.

-Foot ledges are wonderful to have in a shower, particularly for women. It’s a small indent or attached piece of granite or tile perfectly suited for a woman to rest her foot on for shaving. These are also a great alternative solution when a shower is too small to adequately house a bench.

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    When renovating your home it is important to plan it well. And it is important to know that if you’re investing in a great design inside the shower on the walls, clear, frameless glass is going to highlight your design best, Glad to know this.

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