Can we agree that wallpaper is officially back and totally in style? It’s the little design trend that’s made an unexpected and consistent comeback over the past few seasons, building momentum to rousing success. From whole-room masterpieces to a hint of print, it’s an instant statement that’s low cost and high style. Plus, today’s wallpaper is a distant relative of the dowdy florals, odd geometrics, repetitive object patterns (remember those lighthouses and boats?) and dated woodsy wall trims of decades past. Looking for new ways to integrate modern wallpaper into your space? Here are a few of my favorite ways to make it not only work, but make it “wow”:


1. Go for the “Wow”: Let’s face it — there’s only so much you can do with paint. And while a bold focal point wall in a vivid color can look contemporary and chic, modern wallpaper will add a distinct and personalized approach to your home that’s hard to achieve with paint alone. Pick a theme, or simply choose a pattern you love, to create a new wow factor that is distinctly you. Modern wallpaper also comes in a variety of finishes, like gorgeous shiny metallic, for a whole new interpretation of wall art.




2. Consider the Size: Have a large room you would like to feel more cozy? How about a petite space you’d like to feel more spacious? Either way, there’s a wallpaper pattern for that! In general, stick to wallpaper designs with a sense of depth and space to make a small room appear larger. To create a cozy vibe in a large room, look for wallpaper with more tight, dense patterns.





3. Think Small: On the fence about committing to wallpapering an entire room? Try an accent wall, perhaps behind a bed or desk, to add a pop of pattern without the worry of overdoing it. (You can always add more…) Or, are you looking for just the right artwork to hang in a focal point of your home? Trade in the framed print for artistic wallpaper and frame that instead! It will create a unique piece of art in and of itself.




4. Avoid Trends: While trendy wallpaper prints might be on the cover of interior design magazines it’s vital to choose something you love rather than what’s “in” at the moment. Do you prefer designs with a hint of whimsy and flair? Check out some of the amazing figurative prints available. Adore the classics? Opt for an updated traditional print like a stunning floral or stripe. Love vintage looks? Choose wallpaper with Art Deco inspirations, or mod, retro prints. There’s a design for everyone, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find your “fave” right away!





5. Think Texture: Looking for new ways to bring a more tactile aspect to your walls than just paper? Try using a grasscloth, metallic foil prints, crystal embedded paper or velvet. These “more than papers” will be the statement that takes your room to a whole new level and leave observers in awe!




Getting excited about adding wallpaper to your home? Whether you go all-out with a bold pattern in a large room or opt for an elegant accent wall, I can help you find the perfectly matched wallpaper for your home or corporate office. Let’s go for it!

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