We’ve just returned from High Point Market and are so excited about all the new product introductions and trends that we saw. We can’t wait to integrate them in one form or fashion into our future designs!!! Take a look at the Top 10 things you should know about to stay current on the latest interior digs.

Tiny Living:

With the surge of interest in urban and loft-style living spaces, mainly driven by the Millenial demographic, properly scaled furniture is a must! These spaces are often very efficiently planned to pack all the functionality needed without wasting a square foot! Many vendors showed great smaller scale furniture to design these fun spaces!

Photo Apr 18, 2 09 16 PM Photo Apr 18, 2 24 59 PM Photo Apr 17, 6 35 23 PM



Mid-Century Modern:

The retro influence, as I like to refer to it, has definitely picked up steam. Many vendors are embracing the frames from days of old and reinterpreting them into 21st century masterpieces. A favorite was Vanguard’s recliner that you’d never guess wasn’t just a chair!

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Vanguard recliner vanguard recliner 2



Geometrics continue to be strong statements in fabrics and frames. Curves and right angles cohabitate nicely in a room, bringing interest, sophistication and even whimsy!

Photo Apr 17, 10 18 15 AM Photo Apr 17, 6 09 34 PM Photo Apr 16, 5 06 16 PM 2470-6f38790a2317b06cdca4446861afdde8fdc525dfb38bdc982d7af879f4284e12



Golds, silvers, champagnes and coppers- all in brushed, satin and high polished finishes are making their claim in today’s design plans. Metallics are a new “basic”. Appearing in fabric, artwork, metal bases on case pieces, benches and stools- you’ll be hard pressed to avoid these in keeping with current design trends. Plus, their reflective qualities are perfect for brightening up a dark space, and their neutrality blends well when the using a complex color scheme.

File May 13, 12 05 31 PM Photo Apr 17, 6 12 39 PM Photo Apr 17, 6 10 28 PM Photo Apr 17, 6 10 33 PM


High performance fabrics:

Crypton and Sunbrella are the unsung heroes when it comes to upholstery that can stand up to today’s lifestyle demands. Sunbrella used to be reserved for outdoors because of it’s solution dyed quality that’s bleach cleanable. Crypton was reserved mainly for commercial use, felt boardy and came in very limited patterns and colors. Now, they’ve each expanded their offerings, making them a smart choice for residential interior applications that not only wear great but look great as well!


Acrylic, lucite and glass are not just for contemporary spaces! There’s a plethora of unique accent pieces and furnishings that can be incorporated into even some very traditional designs. It’s colorless quality makes it a breeze to work into any color scheme and it’s a great way to make surface space available in tighter spaces, without looking cluttered.

Photo Apr 17, 5 59 15 PM Photo Apr 17, 6 01 51 PM Photo Apr 16, 5 20 39 PM File-1453152794



Agate. Onyx and Quartzite are gaining popularity as they showed up more prevalent in tables and other case pieces. The translucent nature of these stones enable them to become a conversation piece whether as is, or even under lit. This is definitely a great unique option for those looking for a little subtle drama!

44-8613-T_1 File May 13, 12 07 38 PM


Mixed Media:

These pieces combine different patterns and colors to create an art deco look. Whether it’s alternating geometry, coloration or integrating animal prints, when a piece of this is in a room, it’ll surely be noticed. The key is to keep it special by surrounding it with softer, simpler pieces to ensure it maintains the spotlight!

File May 13, 12 00 35 PM Photo Apr 17, 10 23 59 AM Photo Apr 17, 2 20 31 PM


Saturated Color:

Bold, saturated colors were prevalent in fabrics and accessories, particularly cobalt blues and emerald greens. Blue mirrored glass and malachite stone top tables exemplify this very specific trend you’ll be seeing in the marketplace!

products-intro-image1-76e5d438ada9ea19badad8e7bea6c16165e41463ef574656b4c2f048f724a671 Photo Apr 17, 10 38 54 AM 9.92393-38c385ddde7e063a3163d51adb862a6d09d1e2b417933efd9c03e55666821b44 rom-100-78_lg


For more info on color trends, see Houzz article below:


Reclaimed Wood:

This green-conscious trend has really taken off! Reclaimed wood has made it’s way into furniture now for the past couple of years, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. The newest spin we’re seeing are “live” edges on table tops and case pieces, which give it a very natural look as well. Teak bases and twisted root looks are also falling into this organic fold with unique ways to express nature in your own personal way- especially since on most of these pieces no two are exactly alike!

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