soundwave artAs an interior designer, I’m always looking for unique ways to personalize a room and show off my client’s personality.

If you are you a musician or simply someone who appreciates sound in another form, this may just be the coolest thing you’ve seen in a while! For the “creative type” who looks for novel and inventive ways of expression and communication, you’ll get kudos for this venue. It’s a great conversation (no pun intended) piece for a focal point in your home or office or serves as a unique gift that expresses something very personal.

Soundwave Art has created an innovative art form that uses a sound wave pattern taken from a voice or a recorded audio file and transforms it into a work of art. Imagine recording your new baby’s heartbeat and creating a completely original art piece for the nursery. Or take that response of “I do” to your proposal of marriage and make it a creative present for your fiancee. In addition to its “cool factor”, this art is very affordable and can be easily created and purchased online, then shipped to your desired destination. “Guys who hate shopping”…do you hear this? It’s easy to create and procure…all from behind your computer screen!!

Check out let your imagination go to work!

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