Nicole’s Neutrals | Winter 2023 Edition

Winter can bring about doldrums, so why not inject a little color in a unique way that will pair well with your current aesthetic? For this edition of Nicole’s Neutrals, we will be diving into our recommendations for color tones, fabrics, and furnishings to spice up your home between the holidays and springtime. Plus – easy ways to put our tips into action to add winter whimsy and warmth to your home fast!

Cool Shift

Color is influential in interior design as it can completely transform the look and feel of a space. In the winter months, it’s especially important to consider the impact that paint and other elements of color can have on the overall atmosphere of your home.

Shifting from the warm browns and grays of fall, winter embraces icy blues, mystical mauve, perfect plaids, and subtle patterns. While dark, moody colors can be great for creating a cozy atmosphere, they can also make a space feel a bit heavy. Choose a new neutral like navy for the foundation of your space. Incorporate lighter tones such as ivories and whites that are still great foundation colors. Soft garnet and purple tones add a pop of color to your space. These colors can be incorporated through paint, accessories, and textiles.

Top Picks for a Neutral Base

In the Navy

SW 9178


SW 6243


SW 6061

Playa Arenosa

SW 9094

Medici Ivory

SW 7558

Top Picks for Accent Tones

Red Theatre

SW 7584

Chaise Mauve

SW 6016


SW 2704

Hyacinth Tint

SW 6968


SW 6238

Experiment with your winter color scheme by mixing and matching these tones! Which one is your favorite? Pin this to one of your inspiration boards or save the picture – you’ll thank us later!

Top 3 Ways to Tie in these Neutrals

  1. Subtle Use of Patterns

Plaids are not only good for your pajamas this season, but can easily tie into your home in a casual – yet intentional – way. Break away from the traditional red and green and use variations of our winter palette instead! Incorporate plaid throw pillows, blankets, curtains, or even upholstery. Using popular patterns, such as houndstooth, geometrics, and stripes, in a subtle way allows for neutral tones and textures to pop. No matter what pattern you choose, it’s important to remember to balance and coordinate. Too many patterns can be overwhelming, so be sure to choose a few key pieces and mix and match with solid colors to create a cohesive look.

Ways to Incorporate New Color Palettes in Winter | Nicole's Neutrals Winter 2023

  1. Make Your Furnishings Fashionable

Add our winter tones to your furnishings! Pillows, accent chairs, and throws in these tones are easy to change up in each room for a seasonal update. Coasters and artwork are also fun pieces to rotate into your design for the new year! Consider bringing the outdoors in by incorporating foliage and pinecones, with accompanying pots or vases that compliment your new winter color scheme. These elements can add freshness and aromatics to your space. Create your home’s seasonal scent with your favorite wintertime candles or aromatherapy oils.

  1. Curate with Combinations

Your home is unique to you – so break away from cookie cutter winter looks and choose your favorite combination of these palettes or create your own! You can utilize a combination of neutrals and accent colors from room to room so don’t be afraid to change it up within your home. Bedding fabrics, throw pillows, and accessories in these tones can spruce up a guest bedroom and keep a regular house guest feeling extra special with seasonal resets. Layer textiles by using different textures and patterns of blankets, throw pillows, and rugs. Choosing plush fabrics in rich warm tones contrasts with Nicole’s Neutrals to create a cozy atmosphere.

Check out some ideas below for layering!

Ways to Incorporate New Color Palettes in Winter | Nicole's Neutrals Winter 2023

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