Family Study


Nicole Arnold Interiors for a second time is highlighted on the Dering Hall website.  Dering Hall is the online showcase for some of the top designers in the world and has the purpose to “assemble a community of the world’s leading creators in one place and to connect them with other designers and savvy, sophisticated consumers”.

Currently, in a piece called “39 Home Offices That Inspire,”  the above project by NA Interiors, is shown.

Nicole states, “We had such a good time planning this “family study” for our wonderful clients. They are as much fun to work with as the final appearance of the room! We designed this to be a fun and functional space for a family of four to work, study and create in a cozy, inviting space all together. We kept it sophisticated enough to earn it’s place right off the main entry of the home. A small room was transformed into a super functional space with plenty of workspace, storage and charm!”

Earlier this month, NA Interiors was featured in a Dering Hall piece entitled “30 of Our Favorite Bathrooms with Stylish Rugs.”


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