The Key to a Successful Design Project: Project Management

Project management is paramount in a well-executed project. Once mastered, this quality of any design or construction business is sure to win referrals time after time. We’ve determined that consistency is key so that our customers have the same great experience each time they work with us and can trust we’ll treat their referrals the exact same way!

Don’t learn the hard way! Some common questions and answers we like to traverse prior to embarking on a new renovation, remodel or new build interior design project.

Have you established a budget? Is that budget realistic for the objectives you have in your project?

This is key to get correct right from the start. A professional designer and/or builder can ensure the investment level is sufficient so that everyone operates within the same expectations and everyone is clear. It also enables your designer and/or builder to provide selections for you that fit within your overall budget. There’s nothing more frustrating than telling a service provider you want to spend “x” and they show you options that are “10x”.

Who will be making the thousands of decisions about the project?

If there are multiple people weighing in on selections, those folks should plan to be present at all meetings or arrange for notes to be shared digitally or otherwise. The lack of decisiveness is often frustrating for all parties involved, can be quite costly, and usually delays a project unnecessarily. We layout schedules for our customers to understand which decisions will be required at which point in the overall process. It makes decisions happen so much smoother.
Who will organize the timing of tradespeople, product arrival, etc.?

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, it’s a great idea to hire a general contractor or establish who will act in that role. Usually, there are many moving parts to a project and if not orchestrated properly, you’re on the verge of excessive stress, costly mistakes, and time delays needlessly creeping into your project.

Who is in charge of quality control?

We insist on a senior designer being onsite at all construction milestones and key stages of the project. The designer’s eye will identify any potential “oops” and ensure the design details are executed properly. The builder or contractor is also key for these meetings as they can identify any needed functional changes as the project progresses. Yes, it is true that all things cannot be anticipated and we sometimes discover hazards or opportunities however you’d like to view them, in flight.

How will you ensure cohesion in your design/build/furnishing projects?

We suggest using a full-service firm like ours to ensure you have one point of contact from conception to completion. The working relationship will be established initially and will serve as a great alliance all the way through the project. Cohesion will be automatic as there are no “handoffs” from one project phase to the next. Additionally, decisions and recommendations will become easier because your designer will be able to anticipate your style easily, understanding what’s in your mind’s eye, and allow that to translate across all of the finishes, electrical and furnishings throughout the entire home or office space.

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