Have you recently asked yourself…should I remodel or move? With the housing market becoming more and more competitive, many homeowners in Texas have debated this same question. For some, the process of selling a home and then finding a new one within budget can be overwhelming. If you love the bones or current location of your home, renovating is the perfect solution.

Current Texas Housing Market

In an early July article, DMagazine reported that existing homeowners may have a financial incentive to stay put. “If prices continue to rise, [Texas] homeowners who don’t sell could continue to get equity richer while also avoiding becoming one of today’s harried home hunters,” the article noted. Recent data from the American Enterprise Institute’s Housing Center indicated that home prices have begun falling on a national scale and will keep declining August through December, reported Fortune.

With the market changing, it’s important to consider whether you’ll reap more benefits by selling now or staying in your current home. 

Get Exactly what you want in a Dream Home

When looking for a new home to buy, there’s no guarantee you’ll get everything on your wish list which may cause you to need a renovation later on. One of the biggest benefits of renovating your existing home is that you can utilize what you do like and enhance those areas of the house that need a makeover without the stress of moving. 

Below are some inspirational ways to renovate your home:

  • Update kitchen finishing + appliances
  • Make living or working spaces more functional
  • Create a luxurious, modern bathroom
  • Enhance your backyard for gatherings
  • Brighten up your home with a refreshed color palette 
  • Open up rooms with added natural lighting, décor + new fixtures
What's Your Design Style?

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What’s Your Design Style?

Why Hiring an Interior Design Group Saves Time + Money

Working one-on-one with skilled designers such as Nicole Arnold Interiors takes the stress out of various aspects of the renovation process, including developing the design, sourcing materials, and contracting labor. Compared with using multiple vendors, communication is more streamlined and there’s less of a chance for hidden service fees because you set your budget at the beginning. 

Flexibility is another important factor: You can decide whether to renovate all areas of the house at one time or choose one area of the home to redesign and have the Nicole Arnold Interiors team come back at a later date to complete more updates. For example, our 2021 Mid-Century Melds With Modern project is having us come back to add more of this design style throughout the home and we’re thrilled. 

Nicole Arnold - Luxury Home Interior Designer
Nicole Arnold - Luxury Home Interior Designer

With selling your house, it’s important to note that moving is expensive. Between realtor fees, closing costs, movers, and moving supplies, it all adds up. Depending on whether you move to a new neighborhood, it may change various aspects of your lifestyle such as your commute to work and school district. 

Receiving professional help from an interior designer shows you all the potential your current home has to transform your home into your Dream Home

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We make embarking on your interior design journey easy – we offer a thorough on-site consultation to jump-start your next project. We’ll get to know your goals, you’ll find out more about our processes, and we can determine how to make your dream home makeover a reality.

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