For a fun change of pace, I thought I would address a different subject for this article.

November is here, which means we’ll all be talkin’ turkey, stringing up Christmas lights and — of course — hitting the party circuit. If you’re as tired of bringing the same old host gifts as I am, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of gifts that will earn you the title of “favorite friend” all season long. Move over chardonnay, we’re serving up nine unique and unexpected host gifts this year!

1. Ceramic Vase: While flowers will wilt, a fabulous ceramic vase will add a dash of style to your friend’s holiday table. Think metallic gold or silver — or a bright white or romantic blush — for just the right amount of festive flair.

2. Matcha Tea Powder: You can’t go anywhere without hearing about the health benefits of Matcha tea. It not only boosts metabolism and burns calories but also detoxifies the body — something we all need a little of over the holidays. A tin of this antioxidant-rich tea will be a welcome gift for the host’s mind, body and soul. For a bonus, include a tea cup set or pot.

3. Home Fragrance Spray: Cooking can often add a lot of “interesting” aromas to your home. That’s why I love to gift home fragrance spray over the holidays. You can often find sprays in beautiful packaging, and they make sure banishing odors is a quick and easy spritz away.

4. Coffee Table Books: From fashion to architecture, photography, art and more, coffee table books can be a posh and personalized gift for the host. I love to use books as a home accessory and conversation topic.

5. Kate Spade Trinkets: I love Kate Spade’s whimsical and quirky home accessories and often bring them as host gifts. Dessert plates, tumblers, picture frames and even notebooks make a great gift when they feature a cute design or tongue-in-cheek statement.

6. Cozy Throw: I don’t know about you but when my host duties are over I love to relax with a cup of tea and curl up in a cozy throw to unwind. From fur to cashmere — and every soft and cuddly fabric in between — there’s a perfect throw to gift your host. I usually opt for go-with-everything neutral colors but will add a pop of color or pattern if I know my friend will love it.

7. Monogramed Everything: There’s something so special and endearing about monogrammed items. I adore a monogrammed frame, throw pillow, planner or even a clutch to give to my host friends. It’s something that’s uniquely for them, and they appreciate that attention to detail.

8. Fashionable Apron: No one wants to get their party dress dirty — but it tends to happen a lot with hosts who love to cook. There are so many fun aprons available this season, from pops of pattern to quirky statement pieces, that I will be giving a stylish apron to a few of my chic chef friends this season.

9. Vintage Game Set: Another great home décor piece, a vintage game set will not only serve as a piece of tabletop art but also a functional (and fun!) activity for party guests. From an Art Deco backgammon set to minimalist chic dominoes, there’s a game for every one of your favorite party planners.

It’s always fun to think outside the box when it comes to gifting.

This season, let your gifts be a reflection of your fabulous sense of style, and the special bond you have with your favorite hosts.


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