Dwell with Dignity 2014 ProjectIn May, the Dallas/ Fort Worth chapter of Interior Design Society (IDSDFW) of which I am this year’s President announced completion of our annual Dwell With Dignity project. Simply put, Dwell with Dignity is a cause for designers to help under-privileged families escape poverty and homelessness through the power of design, one household at a time.

This year’s project was the furnishing of a home for a woman and her two-year-old daughter who are transitioning out of homelessness.

Members of IDSDFW have spent the last three months designing a comprehensive visual overhaul of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a family room, dining area and kitchen for this family.

Through creating color palettes, refurbishing furniture, creating original art, and purchasing accessories, the apartment became a fully furnished, art-filled refuge with a wonderful feminine design thanks to IDSDFW members, their design partners and corporate supporters in Dallas (including Neiman Marcus, Horchow, and The Container Store).

I feel it’s really special when we get to give a luxury experience to someone who never dreamed they could afford such a frivolous treat. In our wealth-laden industry, this is a great opportunity to remind me of the really important things in life: generously encouraging and serving one another with the gifts and talents given to us.
Designers Kim Bailey, Kim Bailey Interiors, and Stephanie Kratz, Stephanie Kratz Interiors, co-chaired this project for IDSDFW.

They both had wonderful things to say about the opportunity it afforded them to help someone less fortunate.

Kim said, “It’s such an honor for us to get to know our client and encourage her with a space where she and her daughter can thrive. We are so thankful for over 60 vendors and volunteers that have worked to implement not only a great design, but a complete plan considering the overall function of the space that’s intuitive to our client’s day-to-day needs.”

Stephanie who is also the Secretary of IDSDFW added, “What an amazing opportunity it is for us to partner with Dwell with Dignity and be able to give back to our community. This project is a reminder that we all are positively affected and influenced by bringing others together to create a better environment to live in. Since we are hands-on in this project, it’s wonderful to create a comfortable and livable space for families as they continue to better themselves and their lives.”

You can find more information about Dwell with Dignity and the International Design Society Dallas Ft. Worth chapter on their websites.

Here are pictures of our completed project!

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