What makes a workplace worth returning to? With the onset of remote and hybrid working over the past few years, companies are regularly evaluating the future of their workplace environments and what model works best for them and their employees. For the companies that are ready to get back in the office, it’s paramount to have a great area for employees to come back to. Nicole Arnold Interiors works regularly with corporate clients to create smart office spaces that are designed to last and propel companies forward. Check out Nicole’s top tips below.

Renovate Or Redesign

Does your office need a redesign or a full renovation? It’s valuable to assess what your current workplace is missing now and how a new design or renovation can accomplish your goals. A renovation requires working with contractors to change physical elements of the space, including walls and doors. While a redesign allows a business to reimagine the space they already have without all the construction. New furniture, light fixtures, wall treatments, and soundproofing can bring about an enhanced and more functional space.

Know Your Needs + Employees

We’ve all heard about modern offices that have foosball and ping pong tables, beer on tap, an espresso bar, an open-concept collaborative layout, but how much of that do employees really want? It’s important for businesses to have a balanced office that provides employee perks while boosting productivity. It’s pertinent to factor in employee age-range, interests, and desired working environment. To gain insight, it could be beneficial to survey employees on some things they’d like to see in the office; plus it creates a transparent, collaborative conversation.

Knowing the different generations that are in your office is valuable for developing the best in-office experience. Older generations and younger generations may desire different environments to boost their productivity, such as an open-concept vs closed-door offices. If you have a mixture of different generations, working with a designer ensures that all needs are considered.

It’s also important to consider the type of work employees are doing in the office. Are there lots of collaborative meetings happening in the office or do employees spend time working on independent projects? These various factors help determine what kind of design will best suit your needs.

Keeping Your Soundscape In Mind

Sound in your office space is vital but can be often overlooked! No one wants to hear the sounds of shoes squeaking down the halls or the click clack of a keyboard. Office sounds can be neutralized through simple measures like fabric choices and design elements. Here are our top ways to soundproof: 

  • Pick Smart Flooring: Our top choice is carpet. Wood and concrete floors tend to create the loudest echoes, even though we love to use them in residential interiors. If you’ve already invested in concrete or wood and aren’t ready to part with it, consider large rugs in walking spaces. This can create a warmer environment anyway. 
  • Use Vinyl Shades: These shades provide privacy, insulation, and help to get rid of sound in the outside world. 
  • Cubicle Fabric is Key: If you have cubicles of any kind in your office, adding fabric to the walls will help to keep the sounds isolated to their space and reduce the disturbing noise impact on others. 
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tile is a Must: This is especially helpful if your office building has multiple levels or there’s a lot of outside sound around the building. No matter the layout, acoustic ceiling tile helps quiet any sound coming from overhead vents and keeps office conversations more private.

Why Nicole Arnold Knows Commercial Interiors

Nicole works with C-suite team members, office managers, or others on your team in charge of your workspace to understand the needs of your design, branding, and to keep your project on track. She is no stranger to the corporate world and had a successful 16-year sales and marketing career with Levi Strauss & Co. Her background enables her to “speak the language” of executives she serves and is why she’s so passionate about creating the perfect commercial office!

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