Preston Hollow Open-Concept Entertaining Reimagined

Style: Transitional
Type: Renovation
Year: 2018
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A 1960’s North Dallas home trades in a chopped up floor plan with an outdated aesthetic for an open concept, multi-zoned area. The library, game area, family room, and kitchen are all connected, however, have defining boundaries created with furnishings and walls where necessary. Overall, it’s a great area now for entertaining where no one feels isolated in another part of the home. A custom bookcase was designed for the library to ensure plenty of storage. Transitional furnishings and finishes juxtapose the client’s global collection of artifacts from his travels. It’s a space that’s certainly uniquely his!

When I decided to do a major upgrade to my home earlier this year, I (a single man) needed a professional to help with the look, layout, design, etc. I can’t say enough about how Nicole Arnold came to the rescue. She was an integral part of the entire 10-week process, working in tandem with the contractor to ensure a successful outcome. She was quick to understand my personal preferences relative style, color, etc., and did the necessary research to optimize the space and give it the look I wanted. Not only did she craft the perfect design plan but selected/purchased all the furniture and had it delivered and put in place, even the wall hangings. She and her team were very professional throughout and always accessible, available and responsive if I had a question or concern relative to the project. I recall being a frame shop one day when I had a question regarding the matting of a print I was getting framed. I called Nicole’s office and was informed she was traveling on business out of state. Not expecting to hear from her for a few days, I was shocked when just minutes after hanging up that I received a call back from her (while I was still in the frame shop) and she was able to immediately answer my question.

Suffice it say Nicole is not only very gifted on the creative front but she is also one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever worked with; I now consider her a very good friend. I had no idea what to expect when hiring an interior designer but I can say without hesitation it was a great experience and well worth the cost. She will work with you in whatever way you need, from a simple opinion or recommendation to a full-blown engagement (as with me). I highly recommend Nicole and am confident you will enjoy the same wonderful experience that I did.

Kerry F.