Nicole Arnold Interiors Office

Nicole Arnold Interiors Corporate Office Renovation

Type: Renovation
Year: 2022

Nicole Arnold Interiors’ design firm relocated to expand their offices and showroom to a new 11,000 SF haven in Carrollton, TX. She and her partners at the North Texas Design Group completely renovated a space that sat unoccupied for more than a decade, every square inch of the place was redesigned. We leveraged the many windows to keep all the common spaces and offices light and bright during the day, and keep our design ability as “true to color” as possible using the natural light. We went with a black/white/grey/caramel theme throughout the space to keep things neutral, yet warm and inviting. This also easily allows us to incorporate new accent colors whenever the trends change. Our front lobby showcases our most popular vendors and samples of their products so clients can get a true sense of what their project will look and feel like. There are numerous workspaces for putting designs together and lots of room to spread out and conduct presentations. Additionally, we strategically made some bolder moves in the onsite bathrooms and the break area to show various design styles, and kept the artwork closely in step with the rest of the surroundings. Customers absolutely rave about how gorgeous the space is and our employees love working in such a beautiful environment.

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