This project entailed furnishing a client’s beautiful, but empty, high-rise Dallas condominium.
The goal was to deliver her wish to create a new living space that made her feel positive and optimistic as she embarked upon a quest to reinvent herself. The client wasn’t entirely certain about what she wanted, but she sensed a bright fresh contemporary look which also provided a calming sense would be her ideal environment. This was radically different (in terms of style and color) from the interior of her previous home.
The design also had to provide an elegant backdrop for at-home entertainment and allowed her two children – whom she wanted to involve in the design approval process – to feel at home.

The result was spectacular.


Design Client Reviews...

Nicole is a professional. I have found that when somebody is truly professional at what they do, their recommendations are better than what you can think of yourself. This was the case with design recommendations Nicole gave me regarding my home. On top of that, she was prompt, courteous, creative, knowledgeable and helpful.

Brenda A., Dallas

I am very happy with Nicole’s work. I’ve been in my house for 41 years. Nicole came in and did a number of outstanding things to improve the look and feel of my home. She is both creative and accommodating. She was not hesitant at all to give me her opinions even if they disagreed with mine. But at the same time, she is aware that I’m the client. The give-and-take of the relationship worked great.

Mike M., Dallas

I am a do-it-yourselfer, but even as a do-it-yourselfer you need someone with an eye.  Nicole has a great eye.  She was not only able to find the appropriate vanity I was looking for but also went to great lengths to find the specialty lights I had shown her.  In fact, she went above and beyond to not only find the lights but got them at half the cost I anticipated to pay.  One other thing about Nicole is that she never forgets about you as the client.  She is always thinking and coming up with ideas for your project, even when it’s not expected.  It is not just a “one and done” type of situation with her.

John L., Dallas

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