Powder Rooms Design Inspiration

When it comes to powder rooms, what’s your style?

We have so much fun with these “one-off” spaces because they allow us to do almost anything! A powder room is oftentimes off a hallway or in more concealed part of the home. So, while we always aim for cohesive looks throughout a homestead, the powder room can be a little bit of a “rebel” in comparison to the rest of the house. Pushing your typical boundaries out a little and doing what you’re not quite brave enough to do throughout your entire home can be SO much fun in the powder room!

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be illustrated in lots of different design elements: light fixtures, wall coverings, window treatments, flooring, vanity style, mirrors, or wall décor. Here are a few of our favorites we’ve put together over the years…enjoy!

Old meets new

Ornate fixtures meet contemporary wallpaper and give this room personality uniquely its own!


Is it the year of the dragon?

Bright colors and patterns can invoke a sense of energy and excitement when you least expect it.


Stop and smell the peonies?

An extra-large scale traditional print can be all of sudden become “oh so chic”!


Metallics make this dark wallpaper dazzle with delight!


Take a dive and appreciate the sexy curves in this sleek and stylish space!


Transitional never looked so sophisticated and glamourous…


Dark and moody can be mysterious and marvelous at the same time!



So muster up a little courage and take on that design that lets everyone know what your special space looks like!

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