Nicole Arnold’s Interior Design Mantras

Top 5 Design Tips and Advice for Texas Luxury Homes


Design is Subjective

If I say this once a week, I say it 50 times!! (This is not an excuse to be evasive, by the way ?.) I honestly believe that there are aesthetic boundaries in design and my job is to keep a client within those. If during the selection process, they prefer to veer a little more to the left or right of where I’m recommending, a lot of times that’s okay. What’s not okay is to agree with my clients on things that I feel are absolutely wrong and I willingly and tactfully share my feedback in those situations. Design should be fun and it’s about the client, after all. It needs to feel comfortable and pleasing to them at the end of the project. This flexibility has earned me great trust and repeat referrals because they know I’ll be honest with them.

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