Oftentimes, I receive calls from new clients in a common dilemma. They’re stuck in a frustrating cycle of trying to decorate their home without assistance and they’re not getting the results they desire.

time-is-moneyIf you’re talented in this area, then my hat’s off to you! Enjoy every moment of this process!! It’s a rewarding feeling when we can decorate our homes and land on a beautiful result, reflecting our personalities and lifestyles. And, of course, the compliments we receive from others make it twice as rewarding!

However, the calls I receive are “rescue me” calls. These homeowners or office managers are usually sitting in one of two desperate camps. They’ve either ended up with a room full of beautiful decorations, yet have no theme, leaving the overall look one that’s disjointed, without good flow. Or, others end up with a hodgepodge of items that they’ve accumulated and don’t align with the home’s style, the company’s image or any one vision. What’s worse is that they’ve wasted a lot of time and money getting to this point of “nowhere”. That’s when the frustration has peaked and the call for help is initiated.

When added up, either of these situations can be very costly with regard to your time and money spent on your room. So, ask yourself this question: “Can I afford not to hire a decorator?” The answer is “No”!

Hiring a professional interior designer from the start allows you to relax and enjoy the process of planning your room with an experienced individual or team. The result: beautiful rooms that will not have to undergo any redoing and will instantly generate compliments from those who visit.

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