The Eyes Have It

Have you heard the phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’? While that is a true statement, I believe art comes in many forms and therefore, it would be more accurate to state that ‘your artwork paints a thousand words’. From pictures or paintings hanging on a wall to free-standing sculptures or mixed media tabletop pieces, the artwork you chose for your home or office reflects your personality.

The word ART and its true meaning have been debated for centuries. What we do know is that ART is intentional, meaning that regardless of the form, it was created for the purpose of being a work of ART. Additionally, ART is a conscious effort to unveil the beauty in something and while all ART may not be beautiful to all people, the ART you choose possesses some sense of beauty to you. Perhaps the most exciting characteristic of ART is that it is original. While we are able to categorize ART, we can still appreciate that each piece is a culmination of experiences of the artist and the emotions those pieces bring out in our room.

So your eyes have it! What appeals to you? What speaks to you? Works of ART exhibit the artists’ attitudes, feelings, thoughts, and even their soul and ultimately your attitudes, feelings, thoughts and soul. Through these pieces or compositions, expressions are then communicated in your home.

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