How to Create a Magazine Worthy Room

Are you tired of looking around your home, wishing it looked like it belonged in a magazine, only to be paralyzed by the thought of carrying out that daunting feat? Well, have no fear! Your home can achieve this aesthetic and all of the praises that go along with it, by following a few simple steps. I must warn you…this isn’t for the faint of heart. You must be willing to get very creative, shop with some reliable resources and install these elements. But, if you’re up for the task and are ready to embrace the designer in you, let’s go!


Dovetail the secondary elements of the space to quietly complement this focal point. Choose upholstery coloration or geometry…choose case pieces (like tables or chests) with similar looks to the style or era of the focal piece…

If all this sounds super appealing (as long as somebody else does all the work) call us! We enjoy listening to your objectives, designing to that call, and watching you LOVE the end result!

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