5 Office Chair Alternatives to Test Drive

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HermanMiller Aeron Chair. Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf for Herman Miller®

Whether you’re headed to the office each day, or your workspace is a simple commute from your kitchen to your home office, it’s easy to tire of the chair you sit in all day, five days a week. You can invest in the best of the best, like Herman Miller’s Aeron chair (as seen above), which boasts great ergonomic design and is extremely comfortable. Yet, if your posture is challenged there could be a hefty physical price to pay…

Luckily, there are several office chair updates and alternatives that are making workdays more healthy and comfortable- if you have an open mind! Here’s a look at five of my favorites:

Flexispot M2 Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation by © 2018 Standing Desk Nation

1. The Standing Desk: We all know the plethora of health benefits gained by standing over sitting — you burn more calories, improve your posture and avoid

fatigue. Plus, these workstations add a fun and futuristic vibe to your office space, and also take up much less space. Another bonus? They’re generally less expensive than a desk and chair duo, which is a welcome change for your company or your pocketbook.

2. The Balance Ball: Let’s be honest: Sitting on a big round ball all day seems at first like an uncomfortable, or even strange experience. However, today’s balance ball desk chairs not only engage your core muscles and improve your balance through the circular nature of the chair, they also are a great choice for people who suffer from back aches and improve your posture. There are two options with a fitness ball chair: An actual fitness ball, which can be purchased for less than $20; or a balance ball chair, which includes a roll-free frame (and is a better choice for first-time ball sitters.)

3. The Saddle Seat: Who knew a stool in the shape of a saddle could be so comfortable? Better yet, that it is wonderful for anyone with hips issues, as it opens the hips and lowers the thighs, which supports the natural curve of your spine? The saddle seat checks all these attributes off your list. From a design standpoint, these seats lend a unique equestrian vibe to your office space — and come in a variety of colors.

balans® kneeling chair

4. The Balance Stool: Another office stool option is the balance stool, which features an unstable seat. This instability is a constant reminder to tighten your core muscles and sit upright. Plus, the stools tilt and swivel to add an even greater emphasis on the importance of balance. These chairs are a great choice for those with neck issues, as they promote better neck alignment. From a design standpoint, I love the petite balance stool for small space offices, either at home or away.

5. The Kneeling Chair: If you’ve ever received a portable massage at an event, you’re probably used a kneeling chair. This unique seat promotes an open and dynamic sitting position that keeps your spine in its natural curvature, and your back and abdominal muscles constantly engaged. All of this leads to improved breathing and circulation. Like the balance ball, saddle seat and balance stool, the kneeling chair is another terrific “active sitting” option. Try this in your office for a natural conversation starter!

So, what do all of these office chair alternatives have in common? Many users claim they help concentration and creativity — and of course, they can be a fun design addition to your office!

But most importantly, each has its own health benefits that are aimed at keeping you healthier wherever you set up your office space.

Needless to say, if you want to do a little more interior design work to your office than try out a new chair, Nicole Arnold Interiors can give you all sorts of great advice. Call us at 214-326-1160 to set up a consultation.


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